Residential workshop of Commedia dell’Arte


from 1st to 18th august 2019
Language: Italian, English, French

Held by Massimo Macchiavelli and the participation of CARLO BOSO (dramaturgy)

Alessandra Cortesi Movement techniques and study of female characters in Comedy

Luca Comastri Choreographies de arms and stage combat

Colette Tomiche – Group armony and corality

Tania Passarini – Leather-mask creation


In the village of Campeggio (Monghidoro, Bologna) in a house immersed in the Apennine Mountains: participants will lodge in a multi-bedroom house with use of the kitchen


Commedia dell’arte is more than just a genre of theatre. It represents the dawn of modern theatre. All of the great 20th century acting teachers exalted its value for actors’ training. Working on plot, pantomime, comic techniques and the study of universal “types” through the use of masks are invaluable elements of a modern actor’s training. Far from being just an historical art form, through the complexity of its techniques, Commedia dell’arte provides an excellent introduction to any theatrical genre from the most ancient and folkloristic to the most modern and refined. This intensive workshop, through detailed work on these techniques, will show the actor how direct his own character construction development, making use of work that goes from that of Decroux , through Copeau, Jouvet and Stanislawski all the way to that of Barba and Grotowski, which we believe represents the essence of 20th century dramatic acting.

Commedia dell’arte workshop

Elements of Mime (Decroux tecnique) applied to Commedia dell’arte

Construction of stock characters Vecchi (elders), (Graziano and Pantalone) Servi (servants)(Arlecchino, Zanni and Brighella), Amorosi (lovers) and Capitani (captains).

Pantomime choreography (Melodrama and Callot)

Characters in situations (repertoire development

Rules of mask use (neutral and expressive)

Lazzo improvisation

Plot improvisation

How to write a plot in Commedia dell’Arte

Open day and participation to the Festival COMMEDIESTATE

Leather mask construction workshop

Construction of plaster cast/mask


Mask finishing

Mask decoration

(The students will get to keep their own masks)

Hours of activity– 9:30-12:30/ 2pm-5pm/8pm-11pm

Who should sign upThis workshop is aimed at people particularly motivated to the study theatre arts and to those who intend to enrich their already established base of theatrical training by adding the knowledge and competence of the language of the Commedia dell’Arte which is at the base of many training methods.

How to enrollSend a €100 deposit either by

FraternalCompagnia: EMILBANCA
Iban IT13B0707202403021000181413

Be sure to send us an e-mail so we can be watching for it.

Or come to our offices in Bologna on Via Cavazzoni, 2/g after making an appointment by calling (+ 39) 349 2970142

Cancellation must be communicated at least 15 days prior to the beginning of the course and in any case the Company will withhold 50 € for administrative expenses.

550 € for the whole stage – 18 days (500 € enrollment by 30 April)
Lodge with use of the kitchen: 10 € per day (total 180 €)


Fraternalcompagnia Via Cavazzoni, 2/g – 40139 Bologna

Phone 349/2970142